Section 4: Electrical system guidelines

This is the fourth section of the open-source design documentation for the forced-air evaporative cooling chamber, developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) D-Lab, and led by research engineer and J-WAFS principal investigator (2019-2022) Eric Verploegen.

This section covers the electrical system for the forced-air evaporative cooling chamber. In this document, there are diagrams for manual and automated operations, key specifications for each of the components, how they function and their role in the system. The key electrical components needed for the chamber to operate are:

  • Power supply
  • Industrial exhaust fans to force airflow through the chamber
  • Submersible water pump to recirculate water for the cooling pads
  • Electrically activated solenoid values to regulate water flow
  • Switches / control system to activate the other components.


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