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Climate Labs with C40 and J-PAL

Embedded with government policymakers in Egypt, India, Jordan and South Africa, Community Jameel, C40 and J-PAL operate a network of climate labs pioneering innovative, evidence-based strategies to tackling climate change.

A collaboration between Community Jameel, the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) and C40 Cities, the climate labs work with national, state, and city government teams to foster evidence-based and innovative strategies in tackling climate change.

Four J-PAL-led labs are focused on clean air and water at the national level in Egypt; at the state level in India, including in Gujarat; and at the city level in Cape Town, South Africa. Collectively, these labs aim to serve more than 260 million people.

Additionally, two C40-led labs – in Chennai, India, and Amman, Jordan – are integrating climate action with sustainable urban planning.

J-PAL Air and Water Labs

Regions like Africa, MENA, and South Asia face severe air and water crises, with many lacking access to safe resources. In India, pollution reduces life expectancy by 5 years, while in Africa, it caused 1.1 million premature deaths in 2019. The J-PAL Air and Water Labs collaborate with governments to enhance clean air and water access, guiding evidence-based policies at various governmental levels. As climate change intensifies these threats, the labs bridge the data gap by fostering collaboration among stakeholders to find impactful solutions.

To address this challenge, the J-PAL Air and Water Labs will foster deep collaboration between government partners, J-PAL regional offices and researchers, collectively working to:

  1. co-diagnose the most pressing air and water challenges and opportunities for policy innovation;
  2. expand policymakers’ access to and use of high-quality air and water data;
  3. co-design potential solutions informed by existing evidence;
  4. co-generate evidence on promising solutions through rigorous evaluation, leveraging existing and new data sources; and
  5. support scaling of air and water policies and programs that are found to be effective.

Four J-PAL Air and Water Labs have launched in Egypt; states in India, including Gujarat; and Cape Town, South Africa.

Jameel C40 Urban Planning Climate Labs

Urban planning significantly influences a city's greenhouse gas emissions and its vulnerability to climate risks, like flooding and heat. As cities expand, often encroaching on flood-prone areas, the consequences of neglecting climate adaptation become severe. Sustainable planning can mitigate these risks for future generations.

The Jameel C40 Urban Planning Climate Labs assist rapidly growing cities – including Chennai, India, and Amman, Jordan – in merging climate action with urban planning. They aim to refine city plans to align with climate goals and develop sustainable, low-carbon urban spaces as models. The labs also aim to provide a blueprint for cities to seamlessly integrate climate considerations into their planning processes.


The Labs

A world map showing the Jameel Climate Labs