Iraq Cultural Health Fund

The Iraq Cultural Health Fund, under the Healing Arts initiative, is a response to the mental health crisis in communities in Iraq with a special focus on community participation. The Fund includes programmes within two communities in Iraq: the Marsh Arabs along the Tigris/Euphrates Rivers in Southern Iraq and the Yazidi community in Northern Iraq.

The programmes have been developed and organised in coordination with local NGOs and organisations, ensuring community ownership and representation. The Healing Arts initiative was launched by CULTURUNNERS under the auspices of the World Health Organisation and as part of the United Nations 75th Anniversary Programme.

Ark Re-Imagined

'Ark Re-imagined: the Expeditionary Pavilion' – the first-ever Iraqi national participation at the Biennale Architettura in Venice – is a project by artist Rashad Salim, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities of Iraq, curated by Safina Projects, and produced by Community Jameel and CULTURUNNERS as piloti del padiglione.