Section 5: Plumbing system guidelines

This is the fifth section of the open-source design documentation for the forced-air evaporative cooling chamber, developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) D-Lab, and led by research engineer and J-WAFS principal investigator (2019-2022) Eric Verploegen.

This section covers the plumbing system for the forced-air evaporative cooling chamber. The system is designed to control the delivery of water over the evaporative cooling pads.

The key components needed for the plumbing system are:

  • A lower water tank as a reservoir
  • An upper tank to supply water to the cooling pads
  • A submersible water pump to deliver water from the lower tank to the upper tank
  • Electrically activated solenoid values to regulate water flow from the upper tank into the cooling pads
  • Evaporative cooling pads
  • Water collection and return to the lower water reservoir
  • PVC pipe, hose, and fitting to connect the other components


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