One in 20 UK patients have COVID-19 symptoms a year after infection

Helen Ward, professor of public health at Imperial College London and Jameel Institute member, speaks about the government-commissioned COVID-19 React surveillance study, an analysis of 276,000 individuals, carried out by Imperial College London.

Helen says, “The study has shown some big variation in people’s symptoms post-Covid. While we have gained valuable insights into the groups at risk of lasting symptoms, we are undertaking detailed interviews to further understand the variation in people’s experiences and the impact on their everyday lives. We are also planning further follow-up of people involved in the React studies to assess the broader longer-term impact of the pandemic on health and well-being.”


One in 20 people still have Covid-19 symptoms a year after infection, according to the largest UK study looking at the “lasting impacts” of the virus.

The analysis by Imperial College London involved 276,000 members of the public who were regularly tested for Covid during the pandemic as part of the React surveillance study.

In total, 59 per cent of these participants tested positive for the virus between 2020 and last year, and were asked to report their symptoms and any long-term effects.

The Times