JameelCast: New podcast exploring public health research with leading scientists

The Jameel Institute introduces a new podcast, hosted by Thom Rawson, a research associate at the institute. The podcast's first episode features Neil Ferguson, director of the Jameel Institute.

Thom says, "The Jameel Institute is a group with diverse academic backgrounds, all coming at global health challenges from a different perspective. With such diverse expertise, you also get a great range of interesting stories to tell. Speaking with non-scientists after the pandemic, I realised that people were well-versed in the language of epidemiology and global health, making it the perfect time to give people the opportunity to expand that further by listening to these scientists' stories."


A new podcast will showcase the Jameel Institute’s work and the scientists behind it.

JameelCast is a limited series podcast hosted by Dr Thom Rawson, a research associate within the Abdul Latif Jameel Institute for Disease and Emergency Analytics (Jameel Institute). The series will spotlight the latest frontiers of public health research work being done within the Institute.

In the first episode, released this week, Dr Thom Rawson speaks to Professor Neil Ferguson, Director of the Jameel Institute and Director of the School of Public Health. Professor Ferguson reflects on the global response to disease outbreaks over the past 30 years.

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