More than a billion people obese worldwide, research suggests

Majid Ezzati, a research lead at the Jameel Institute, is senior author to a report that finds more than 1 billion people globally live with obesity. The Lancet report is based on analysis of more than 3,000 population studies of 222 million people, spanning 1990-2022.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO, says: “This new study highlights the importance of preventing and managing obesity from early life to adulthood, through diet, physical activity, and adequate care, as needed. Getting back on track to meet the global targets for curbing obesity will take the work of governments and communities, supported by evidence-based policies from WHO and national public health agencies. Importantly, it requires the cooperation of the private sector, which must be accountable for the health impacts of their products.”


More than a billion people are living with obesity around the world, global estimates published in The Lancet show.

This includes about 880 million adults and 159 million children, according to 2022 data.

The highest rates are in Tonga and American Samoa for women and American Samoa and Nauru for men, with some 70-80% of adults living with obesity.