Traditional Arabic Joinery Craft الحرفة التقليدية للجمعية العربي

In this video, woodwork specialist and 2019 Jameel House of Traditional Arts in Cairo graduate Abdelrahman Aboufadl demonstrates traditional Arabic joinery craft. The filmmakers acknowledge the knowledge and contribution of Hassan Abou Zeid, master crafter and one of the last few knowledge-holders of this technique in the world.

The video is an output of the research project 'Research links to support the digital transformation of Egypt’s handicraft industries', funded by the British Council's Going Global Partnerships Programme through their Research Environment Links Grant. It is developed through collaboration between the University of Brighton, the Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation, the University College London and the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Prepared by Abdelrahman Aboufadl and Nesreen Sharara, also an alumna of the Jameel House of Traditional Arts in Cairo.