Nesreen Sharara

Alumna (2018), Jameel House of Traditional Arts in Cairo

Nesreen Sharara is a product designer, heritage advocate and 2018 graduate of the Jameel House of Traditional Arts in Cairo. At the Jameel House, she specialised in woodwork, and mastered traditional techniques like mangour and wood joinery.

After graduating from the Jameel House diploma course, Nesreen developed her woodwork skills further by working with egg tempera on wood and wood marquetry. Driven by her passion for Islamic Arts, she also explored Kufic calligraphy professionally.

In 2023, she founded Muzhir Studio—a brand crafting high-end handmade products inspired by Islamic art and heritage, and collaborated with Community Jameel to produce woodwork bookmarks made with natural veneer and inspired by mashrabiya for its DAFQA Open Programme event at COP28.

In addition to her creative endeavours, Nesreen manages the Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation (EHRF) community engagement programme at Bayt al-Razzaz, a programme designed for the local community around Bayt al-Razzaz and aims at raising the locals’ awareness of their local cultural heritage. The programme is part of the 'Withstanding change: Climate change adaptation and heritage' project funded by the British Council Cultural Protection Fund.

Nesreen holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Cairo University (2003) and a Human Resources Management degree from AUC (2009).

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Institut français d'archéologie orientale, Cairo


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