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Convened by Community Jameel, the MIT Abdul Latif Jameel Water and Food Systems Lab (J-WAFS) and the Jameel Observatory, this event brings together our community of scientists, creatives, humanitarians, technologists and policymakers, the event will explore food security and climate change, including the role of data science to monitor, forecast and inform policy decisions to adapt to the threats posed by climate change.

Hosted at Goals House in the Four Seasons in Sharm El-Sheikh, the carefully curated evening will feature remarks from high-level speakers, climate-conscious food with Taheena, music by El Waili, and vertical gardens by Schaduf, an Egyptian social enterprise harnessing agricultural technologies to make cities more sustainable, in collaboration with the United Nations' International Organisation for Migration.

During 2022, MIT J-WAFS launched the Jameel Index, a new platform to measure countries' food security vulnerability to trade disruption including from climate change.

Goals House, Four Seasons, Sharm El-Sheikh
19h30 - 21h30
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Secretary John Kerry

Special presidential envoy for climate, United States of America

HE Dr Mahmoud Mohieldin

United Nations climate high level champion, Arab Republic of Egypt

Fady Jameel

Vice chairman, Community Jameel

Professor Elfatih Eltahir

HM King Bhumibol Professor of Hydrology and Climate, MIT; Co-chair, Jameel Observatory

Dr Guyo Roba

Head, Jameel Observatory Kenya

Dr Greg Sixt

Director, Food and Climate Systems Transformation (FACT) Alliance; Research manager, climate and food systems, MIT J-WAFS

Alison Fahey

Executive director, J-PAL MENA

George Richards

Director, Community Jameel

El Waili


Seif Abdel Salam

Founder and head chef, Taheena

Dr Heba Taha

Assistant professor, Binghamton University

Noha Ali

Founder, Naïa Design House; graduate, Jameel House of Traditional Arts in Cairo

Yazan El Zubi

Artist and image maker



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