Data, droughts and food security: Insights from a Kenya datathon

A datathon held in Isiolo, Kenya in May organised by the Jameel Observatory for Food Security Early Action brought together data enthusiasts and experts to explore data-driven solutions for local challenges such as water scarcity, food security and climate change in the region. Reflecting on the event, participants and facilitators including Gary Watmough, noted the datathon highlighted data's potential for social impact: By leveraging data analysis and insights, datathon participants identified viable solutions to critical issues affecting the Isiolo community, offering a roadmap for similar initiatives in other regions.

Secondly, it emphasised the importance of collaboration between different stakeholders, including data scientists, researchers, local authorities and community members. Thirdly it underscored the significance of establishing sustainable data initiatives. To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of data-driven solutions, participants focused on building frameworks for continuous data collection, analysis and implementation. This long-term perspective ensures the ongoing development and improvement of solutions to tackle evolving challenges in the region.

Jameel Observatory