Atelier Jameel x Bayt Yakan Summer School


Atelier Jameel and Bayt Yakan host a Summer School of courses in traditional crafts and arts at Bayt Yakan's premises in Cairo's historic Al-Darb Al-Ahmar neighbourhood, led by graduates of the Jameel House of Traditional Arts in Cairo.

Eleven Jameel House graduates, under the name Atelier Jameel, will lead a programme offering 15 traditional craft courses and two visits to the Museum of Islamic Art and Muizz Street to residents of Al-Darb Al-Ahmar.

The programme aims to provide a community hub for creative activity and awareness of the area's local architectural and craft heritage, and to create teaching opportunities for Jameel House alumni who can pass on their knowledge and skills to the next generation.

Bayt Yakan, Al-Darb Al-Ahmar, Cairo
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Course 1: Geometric 3D shapes (6 sessions) by Reham Wahba

Course 2: Floral patterns (4 sessions) by Amira al-Qady

Course 3: Arabic calligraphy (8 sessions) by Amal Mostafa

Course 4: Color Harmony (4 sessions) by Nada el Murshidi

Course 5: Pottery Making (8 sessions) by Hoda Haron

Course 6: Gypsum molds and Ceramics tiles (4 sessions) by Hagar Abdel Hay

Course 7: Gypsum carving (4 sessions) by Aya Soliman

Course 8: Stone Carving (5 sessions) by Aya Siliman

Course 9: Wood Veneer (5 sessions) by Iman Ramadan

Course 10: Wood Inlay (5 sessions) by Aliya Gamal

Course 11: Wood Carving (5 sessions) by Omniya Hosny

Course 12: Brass Engraving (6 sessions) by Areej Niazi

Course 13: Brass Cutting (4 sessions) by Nourhan el-Kady

Course 14: Stencil Prints on Tote Bags (4 sessions) by Hoda Haron

Course 15: Notebooks with designed hard covers (4 sessions) by Reham Wahba

About Bayt Yakan (Bayt al-Yakaniya for Heritage and Arts) 

Bayt Al-Yakaniya for Heritage and Arts (al-Yakaniya) is a registered company that was  founded in 2020. It’s headquarter is located in Bayt Yakan situated in al-Darb al-Ahmar.  Al-Yakaniya was founded by Engineer Ola Said and Dr. Alaa el-Habashi who decided to  create a hub that promotes and supports the traditional arts and crafts of Cairo, and  disseminate knowledge related to heritage conservation, and restoration and rehabilitation  of heritage buildings in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab World. Here is link to al Yakaniya page and a link to the New York Times  article that is recently published about Bayt Yakan mansion-bayt-yakan.html

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