Arts and minds: Healing post-conflict trauma in the Middle East


A growing body of evidence suggests that engagement of the arts and culture can be effective in improving healthcare outcomes in a wide range of settings: from end-of-life care to psychiatric wards and prisons, to tackling trauma among refugees and in post-conflict contexts. How can we strengthen the evidence-base to build a compelling argument for integrating the arts and culture in tackling the harms caused by conflict, whether physical, mental or social? And what are the specific opportunities and challenges to use these tools in the Middle East?

Join us on July 6, 2022 at 14h00 London time for a panel discussion on the arts and healing post-conflict trauma in the Middle East with Rand Abdul Jabbar (artist), Christopher Bailey (arts and health lead, World Health Organisation) and Dr Venetia Porter (curator, Islamic and contemporary Middle East art, British Museum), moderated by Cléa Daridan (curator, Community Jameel), convened by Community Jameel as part of the 'Culture, conflict and recovery in Asia' programme by the Royal Society for Asian Affairs and Aleph Strategies.

14h00 London time
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Rand Abdul Jabbar


Christopher Bailey

Co-director, Jameel Arts & Health Lab

Venetia Porter

Curator, Islamic and contemporary Middle East art, British Museum

Cléa Daridan

Senior curator - culture lead, Community Jameel



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About the event

The 'Culture, conflict and recovery in Asia' series launched in 2021 with Rory Stewart, former British secretary of state for international development, author and founder of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation, speaking online from Yale University. The programme includes contributions from the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, the British Council, Community Jameel, the International Organisation for Migration, the Overseas Development Institute, the Prince Claus Fund, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the Turquoise Mountain Foundation, UNESCO and the WHO.

The talk also builds on Community Jameel's collaboration with CULTURUNNERS and the Healing Arts initiative, launched in partnership with the WHO Foundation under the auspices of the WHO, as part of the United Nations 75th anniversary programme (UN75).