UK and US to rally efforts to help developing nations tackle climate change

UK and US are coming together to rally efforts to help developing nations tackle climate change. UK Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps and US Special Presidential Envoy on Climate John Kerry convened a Climate Finance Mobilisation Forum in Windsor to recognise and encourage support for emerging and developing economies in their transition to a net zero, resilient future. The event aims to build momentum on climate action by encouraging significant investments in clean energy and measures to reduce emissions, deforestation and climate change resilience. By 2030, these countries need over USD 1 trillion in clean energy investment to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. The UK is delivering GBP 11.6 billion of International Climate Finance, but the scale of the transition requires trillions in private investment. The event also convened leading figures in finance and philanthropy, including Community Jameel Vice Chairman Fady Jameel, to emphasise the importance of public, private and philanthropic sector collaboration to accelerate the net zero, resilient transition.

UK Government