The rights of trees: Cooking Sections interviewed by Jonah Goldman Kay

Daniel Fernández Pascual and Alon Schwabe, Turner-prize nominated duo behind the artist's collective Cooking Sections and principal investigators at CLIMAVORE x Jameel at RCA, whose 2022 publication 'Offsetted' was inspired by their 2019 exhibition at the Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery that focused on frameworks for identifying the right of trees to exist without their exploitation as a resource. Cooking Sections discuss their ongoing work on the impacts of globalisation and climate change on the world's foodways and provide insight into their unique approach to research, performance and installation.

"There’s a big question of how we deal with broad, systemic questions. We see our practice as a platform, and our publications are an extension of that, so we’re focused on how we can bring a multiplicity of voices into the conversation. During the studio at RCA, our students started developing projects that continued beyond the framework of their education and became independent research projects. We’ve also been in long-term conversations with different researchers that are thinking about this question of offsetting, its consequences, and the different kinds of approaches that one could have to it," stated Daniel and Alon.