Muhallebici shop to get taste of city’s wetlands

A public installation originally launched by Cooking Sections during the 17th Istanbul Biennial in 2022, 'Wallowland (Çamuralem)' has reopened in a new location in the Kurtuluş neighborhood of Istanbul. The installation creatively reimagines a muhallebici, a shop known for buffalo milk desserts, as a tribute to the water buffalos and their herders who have traditionally surrounded the city. The installation is an integral part of a long-term research project by CLIMAVORE x Jameel at the Royal College of Art in London, focusing on the preservation of Istanbul's wetlands and the water buffalo that have inhabited them for centuries. Buffalo milk holds significant historical and cultural importance in Turkish cuisine, relying on the protection of wetlands. With increasing urbanisation encroaching upon the wetlands, 'Wallowland' aims to support this unique ecosystem and its rich culinary traditions.

Hurriyet Daily News