The state of climate and health research in the GCC


The Arabian peninsula has seen substantial increase in temperature over the decades. Some part of have already experience an increase of 2.5 degrees celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. Such changes in temperature could potentially have far reaching implications on public health, as well as crop yields and food security in general.

On September 22, 2022 Aeon Collective and Community Jameel are launching a report entitled The State of Climate and Health Research in the GCC that provides a snapshot of the most current research on the state of climate and health in the GCC, giving equal value to what we do know, as well as what is still unknown. This report also highlights the need for further research, additional data and access to existing data that would bring to light new science backed evidence and knowledge for sound policy and decision making.

Sunset Park — Brooklyn Grange, NYC
In-person & Zoom
2pm - 3:30pm (EST)
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About the event

The session will take the form of a moderated discussion where selected authors will present key findings and highlight some of the key themes covered in the report.

The topics to be explored during the discussion are:

  • Shifting baselines — Historical climate change in the GCC from 1950-2021
  • Climate change impacts on communicable diseases and mental health
  • Climate change implication on food security in high food importing countries
  • Climate change implications on air pollution

Academic institutions which contributed to the report, include: