Strengthening evidence to improve sexual and reproductive health in the context of rising obesity trends in the MENA region: Proposal development workshop


Obesity in women has risen globally, but in 2016 the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region had one of the highest body mass index rates in women as compared to other global regions and in 2022 the prevalence of obesity among women in the MENA region was found to be over 30%. Obesity in women is associated with adverse impacts on female reproductive health and fertility as well as increased risk of diabetes and breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer, while obesity during pregnancy poses increased risks to both the baby and the mother.

In this workshop, organised by the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) and the Knowledge to Policy Centre at the American University of Beirut, participants will work through an agenda aimed at developing a context-specific proposal for research that addresses the priorities and challenges of obesity and sexual and reproductive health in the MENA region.

The two day programme of activities includes: group work and priority-setting exercises to identify key areas of, and the main gaps in, obesity and sexual and reproductive health to tackle; discussion and stakeholder consultations in order to discuss currently implemented interventions; identifying further insights concerning obesity and sexual and reproductive health; and initiating the process of writing a proposal, from problem statement to methodology, assumed impact and budget. The agenda will also feature check-in sessions with partners, the International Development Research Centre and Community Jameel, to provide updates, share feedback and discuss next steps.

Beirut, Lebanon
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