Forecasting Healthy Futures | Private sector catalysts: Strategic investments to unlock innovation and inform climate adaptation


Private foundations provide essential venture funding to test novel concepts. Leading healthcare corporations bring unique value through their research and development programmes, as well as solutions for equitable access to medicines. Combined, the private sector has an enormously important role to play in stimulating innovation and testing new approaches to climate solutions for health. How can the private sector’s investment be best leveraged to identify new solutions that will deliver at scale? What approaches will most effectively break down silos and encourage aligned efforts and collaboration?

Taking place at the inaugural Forecasting Healthy Futures (FHF) Global Summit (14-16 March 2023) in Abu Dhabi, this panel discussion brings together Buddy Shah, chief executive officer, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Uzma Sulaiman, associate director, Community Jameel, Fiona Smith-Laittan, vice president, global health, GSK and Tala Al Ramahi, director, Reaching the Last Mile, to discuss private sector engagement in developing climate solutions for health.

Focused on the unique global challenges posed by a changing climate, the inaugural FHF Global Summit is organised by Malaria No More and convenes diverse stakeholders in the health and technology sectors to improve our collective understanding of the risks posed by climate change, jointly assess the implications for disease control and elimination efforts and move towards consensus on policy and investment priorities worldwide.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Invitation only
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Dr Neil Buddy Shah

Chief executive officer, Clinton Health Access Initiative

Fiona Smith-Laittan

Vice president, global health, GSK

Tala Al Ramahi

Director, Reaching the Last Mile

Uzma Sulaiman

Associate director, Community Jameel



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