Monaco Ocean Week | AI in the deep blue: Data and discovery


90% of the ocean remains unexplored, with more than 80% of the sea floor un-mapped. This lack of ocean data represents an important barrier to addressing key issues such as overfishing. Nevertheless, the growing corporate interest and the unprecedented technological advancement in the data space are currently transforming the way we understand and manage our ocean. In this session, experts share the latest developments taking place in this sector and include George Richards, director of Community Jameel, Joost Dan Haan, co-founder and CEO of Plan Blue, Philippe Despres, University of Laval, Jean Marc Temmos, CEO of Semantic TS and Kortney Opshaug, founder and CEO of Blue Ocean Gear. The panel will be moderated by Desiree Fixler, chair of Ventures ESG and closing remarks will be given by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.

This panel forms part of the Ocean Innovators Platform, a private two-day event (21-22 March 2023) held during Monaco Ocean Week 2023, and is dedicated to cutting-edge technologies, such as baited remote underwater videos systems developed by Blue Abacus, and inventive solutions aiming at conserving the world’s ocean, seas and marine resources. The aim of the platform is to highlight the essential role of entrepreneurship, innovation and investment to develop a sustainable blue economy.

Monaco Yacht Club
By invitation
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Desiree Fixler

Chair, VentureESG

Joost den Haan

Co-founder and CEO, Plan Blue

Philippe Despres

Associate Professor, University of Laval

Jean-Marc Temmos

CEO, Semantic TS

George Richards

Director, Community Jameel

Korney Opshaug

Founder and CEO, Blue Ocean Gear



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