MIT-MGB AI Cures conference 2024


AI has transformed many areas of life in the last decade, yet the impact of these technologies on patient care is still limited. Building on the combined expertise of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Mass General Brigham (MGB) in AI and clinical practice, the MIT-MGB AI Cures conference showcases ongoing collaborative projects in clinical AI, highlighting cutting-edge research and their impact on patient care. The event is co-organised by the MIT Jameel Clinic, the epicentre of AI and healthcare at MIT, and will feature keynote speeches and panel discussions with several MIT Jameel Clinic researchers including AI faculty lead Regina Barzilay as well as principal investigators Dina Katabi, Marzyeh Ghassemi and Collin Stultz, among others.

Topics covered during the conference include clinical translation of AI tools, regulatory issues in clinical AI, fairness and equity, secure patient data, among others. The day's proceedings will also include a poster competition and session for presenting abstracts on clinical AI, AI biology, AI systems, AI safety and fairness and AI in drug discovery.

Markell Conference Center Mass General Brigham Somerville, MA USA
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Paul Anderson

Senior vice president, research and education, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Regina Barzilay

Faculty lead for AI, MIT Jameel Clinic

David Bates

Chief, general internal medicine, MGB; Professor, Harvard Medical School

Danielle Bitterman

Instructor, radiation oncology, Harvard Medical School

Bernado Bizzo

Tianxi Cai

Professor, biomedical informatics, Harvard Medical School

Elazer Edelman

Professor, medical engineering & science, MIT; Professor, Harvard Medical School

Hossein Estiri

Director, AI research, CAIBILS, MGB

Marzyeh Ghassemi

Principal Investigator 2022, Jameel Clinic

Polina Golland

Principal investigator (2023), MIT Jameel Clinic

Martha Jones

Vice president, human research affairs, MGB

Dina Katabi

Principal investigator, MIT Jameel Clinic; Andrew and Erna Viterbi Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT

Anne Klibanski

President and CEO, MGB

Isaac Kohane

Chair, Department of biomedical informatics, Harvard Medical School

Vesela Kovacheva

Anaesthesiologist, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Assistant professor, Harvard Medical School

Sally Kornbluth

President, MIT

Adam Landman

Vice president & digital innovations officer, MGB

Rebecca Mishuris

Chief medical information officer & vice president of digital, MGB

Shawn Murphy

Professor of neurology and biomedical informatics, Harvard Medical School

Natalia Rost

Chair, stroke research, Massachusetts General Hospital; Professor, Harvard Medical School

Rachel Sisodia

Chief quality office, MGB; Associate professor, Harvard Medical School

David Sontag

Principal investigator, MIT Jameel Clinic

Collin Stultz

Principal investigator (2023), MIT Jameel Clinic

Peter Szolovits

Professor, computer science and engineering, MIT

Aleksandar Videnovic

Director, sleep medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital; Associate professor, Harvard Medical School

Mengyu Wang

Assistant professor, Harvard Medical School

Ashia Wilson

Principal investigator (2023), MIT Jameel Clinic

Ross Zafonte

President, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network; Chair, physical medicine and rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School

Li Zhou

Lead investigator, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Professor, Harvard Medical School



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About the event


7h30 - Breakfast and registration

9h00 - Opening remarks by Anne Klibanski, CEO and president (MGB), Sally Kornbluth, president (MIT)

9h15 - Keynote I: The Future of AI in Medicine: Isaac Kohane (MGB) | Keynote II: The promise of AI in rehabilitation medicine: Ross Zafonte (MGB)

10h00 - Coffee Break

10h15 - Session I: How can AI transform healthcare? Real world examples: David Bates (MGB), Marzyeh Ghassemi (MIT) Polina Golland (MIT), Natalia Rost (MGB) Dina Katabi (MIT), Aleksandar Videnovic (MGB) Mengyu Wang (MGB), Ashia Wilson (MIT)

11h00 - Panel I: Bench to bedside - clinical implementation, commercialisation, and regulatory lessons learned. Moderator: Adam Landman (MGB). Panelists: Bernardo Bizzo (MGB), Danielle Bitterman (MGB), Vesela Kovacheva (BWH), David Sontag (MIT), Collin Stultz (MIT/MGB)

11h45 - Poster session

12h00 - Poster session and lunch

13h00 - Panel II: Diverse approaches to computational phenotyping using real world data. Moderator: Shawn Murphy (MGB). Panelists: Tianxi Cai (MGB), Hossein Estiri (MGB), Peter Szolovits (MIT), Ashia Wilson (MIT), Li Zhou (MGB)

13h45 - Fireside chat

14h00 - Panel III: Responsible AI. Moderator: Martha Jones (MGB). Panelists: Elazer Edelman (MGB/MIT), Rebecca Grochow Mishuris (MGB), Rachel Sisodia (MGB)

14h45 - Poster awards announcement

14h50 - Closing remarks​ by Paul Anderson (MGB) andRegina Barzilay (MIT)

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