Ejada National Survey of Teachers' Professional Wellbeing launch


The first-ever Ejada National Survey of Teachers' Professional Wellbeing in Jordan - the results of which are being launched in Amman, Jordan - aims to help identify teachers' needs and inform efforts to support teachers and improve learning outcomes for children.

The survey is a core compenent of the Ejada programme, which was launched in 2019 by the Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab (J-WEL) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Save the Children, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Jordan, Community Jameel, Dubai Cares, Hikma and Alwaleed Philanthropies.

Ejada supports the social and emotional needs of teachers and pupils in Jordan, including Syrian refugees, to reduce violence in classrooms and improve learning outcomes by transforming the role of teachers as agents of change. Ejada seeks to create a sustainable model in Jordan that is applicable and transferable to all educational systems.

The launch will be attended by Dr Yousef Abu Shaar, director of educational research and planning directorate at the Ministry of Education; Diala Al-Khamra, executive director of Save the Children Jordan; Uzma Sulaiman, associate director of Community Jameel; and Abeer Farah, representative of Dubai Cares.

Amman, Jordan
By invitation
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Uzma Sulaiman

Associate director, Community Jameel

Dr Yousef Abu Shaar

Director of educational research and planning, Ministry of Education Jordan

Diala Al-Khamra

Executive director, Save the Children Jordan

Abeer Farah

Programmes officer, Dubai Cares



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