Data for development: Unlocking the potential of data to address climate and health challenges


Organised by the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) South Asia, this forum will bring together distinguished representatives from civil society, academia, government and philanthropy to share their expertise and perspectives on efforts and models for leveraging data-driven decision making to tackle the mounting public health and climate change challenges in India.

Together, panellists will outline the emerging priority areas within these domains and discuss the gaps and bottlenecks that prevent the social sector from harnessing data's full potential to address these challenges. Sessions include ‘Insights and experiences of implementers on the ground (nonprofits, researchers, policymakers) working on tackling climate and/or health challenges leveraging data’ and ‘Identifying existing gaps in accessibility and usability of data to tackle climate and health challenges’.

This roundtable is part of the launch activities for the India Climate and Health Data Capacity Accelerator, a new initiative by J-PAL South Asia and to strengthen the data capacity of the social sector and harness the power of data to drive social impact in India. Through this accelerator, J-PAL South Asia and seek to build an engaged network of individuals and organisations catalysing the application of data to tackle systemic challenges at the intersection of climate and health.

About the India Climate and Health Data Capacity Accelerator

India is currently undergoing a data revolution, fuelled by widespread digitisation and a growing tech industry. However, to fully unlock the transformative potential of data to boost development outcomes, there is a critical need to address existing gaps. Recognising this need, J-PAL South Asia and are proud to announce the launch of the India Climate and Health Data Capacity Accelerator. Powered by a network of prestigious academic institutions, the accelerator will produce a cohort of data professionals with interdisciplinary expertise in data science and its application to the social sector. These trained professionals will then be deployed by J-PAL South Asia in government agencies and social impact organisations on high-impact data projects in the domains of climate and health.

India Habitat Centre, Delhi, India
By invitation
09h00 - 13h00
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