Andrea Bocelli: Prayers for life, from Lourdes to the world


On 16 July 2023, to mark the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the final apparition of the Virgin Mary to Bernadette, the Sanctuary of Lourdes in France holds a special torchlight service and concert by world renowned tenor, Andrea Bocelli, aimed at uniting all countries in prayer.

Faith and music have the capacity to rise above all difficulties. Since 2020, this special service and concert, entitled ‘Prayers for life’, has aimed to share a message of peace and solidarity. A torchlight procession is followed by the free concert, given by Andrea Bocelli. The concert is part of a cycle of performances in Marian shrines around the world, offered free-of-charge to pilgrims by Dançar Marketing, Brazil.

Andréa Bocelli is accompanied by the Choir and Orchestra of Pau Pays de Béarn, conducted by Italian maestro Carlo Bernini, by the Ukrainian violinist Anastasiya Petryshak and the French soprano Clara Barbier Serrano. Clara was the inaugural recipient of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation x Community Jameel Scholarship at the Royal College of Music (RCM) London. Launched in 2019, the scholarship is awarded to talented musicians chosen both on merit assessed at audition and their need for support to overcome barriers and access world-class training at the RCM.

Sanctuary of Our Lady, Lourdes, France
In person and online
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Andrea Bocelli

Musician, OMRI, OMDSM

Clara Barbier Serrano

Soprano, Andrea Bocelli Foundation-Community Jameel Scholar at RCM



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