Timour Spiridonov

Web Engineer

Timour Spiridonov is the Web Engineer of Community Jameel, an independent, global organisation advancing science and learning for communities to thrive. Prior to joining Community Jameel in early 2023, Timour was a freelance software engineer working in France, Tunisia and the United Kingdom. He specialises in creating scalable web applications and has a particular interest in data science and machine learning. Timour works mainly in python, ruby, and javascript. He actively studies and tests a variety no-code and low-code tools. His skills and experience are essential for Community Jameel to scale its web applications and digital products.

As part of his role at Community Jameel, Timour is researching and testing applications of machine learning to solve real-world problems. With his strong analytical skills and knowledge of data science, Timour is designing and implementing effective machine learning models that not only improve Community Jameel’s impact but also address internal operations.

Prior to forging a career as a developer in 2017, Timour worked in the textile industry in Tunisia, where he scaled manufacturing operations and developed white label products for global brands. Timour is also a certified tennis coach and continues to support his local tennis community.

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