Nathaniel Daudrich

Head of Product

Nathaniel Daudrich is the Head of Product of Community Jameel, an independent, global organisation advancing science and learning for communities to thrive. Prior to joining Community Jameel in July 2021, Nathaniel was a Senior Product Manager at Jellyfish, a global digital consultancy, where he led their ecommerce analytics suite focused on Amazon’s global marketplaces.

A product designer and documentary filmmaker by trade, Nathaniel has a more than 10 years experience working with NGOs and UN agencies. In 2013 he co-founded True Heroes Films in Geneva, Switzerland and worked on extensive projects with the Swiss FDFA's Human Security Division, Martin Ennals Awards for Human Rights Defenders, the UN’s Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and Human Rights Watch, amongst others.

Nathaniel first cut his teeth as a journalist in Kuwait and Egypt in the late 00s after completing his MA in Arabic and French from the University of Edinburgh in 2007. Nathaniel is passionate about the origins of human consciousness and moonlights prototyping analog/digital designs and studying decentralized technology.

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