Hassan Jameel

Vice Chairman

Hassan Jameel is Vice Chairman of Community Jameel, an independent, global organisation advancing science and learning for communities to thrive.

In this role, Hassan has supported Community Jameel’s efforts to tackle some of humanity’s greatest challenges, including: global poverty; water and food security; the future of education; machine learning in health; data modelling of disease; and early action against hunger.

Hassan has a strong personal interest in Community Jameel’s education programmes, including Transforming Refugee Education towards Excellence (TREE) a collaboration between Save the Children and the MIT Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab (J-WEL), tackling the psychosocial challenges encountered by teachers and students in Jordan.

Hassan is Vice Chairman of Bab Rizq Jameel, a job creation initiative in the Middle East and North Africa, that has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women improve their lives through work, with recruitment initiatives, microfinance programmes, and other innovative projects tailored to providing job opportunities for men and women in the Arab world. Hassan is also Vice Chairman of Community Jameel Saudi Arabia.

Hassan is Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel, where he heads domestic operations, including automotive, land and real estate, and machinery. Hassan currently sits on the Global Advisory Board for the University of Tokyo and the Dean’s Advisory Council in the School of Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is an advisor to CoMotion and a founding member of the Family Business Council – Gulf, which supports the growth and development on family businesses in the region.

Hassan holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Economics from Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, and gained an MBA from the London Business School. He speaks English, Arabic, and Japanese.

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