Ana Bucher

Advisory committee member, Jameel Index for Food Trade and Vulnerability; Senior specialist, Environment, Natural Resource and Blue Economy Global Practice, World Bank Group

Ana Bucher is a senior climate change/environmental specialist at the Environment, Natural Resource and Blue Economy Global Practice of the World Bank Group (WBG). She is also an advisory committee member of the Jameel Index for Food Trade and Vulnerability. The Jameel Index is a research project initiated by the Abdul Latif Jameel Water and Food Systems Lab's (J-WAFS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and supported by Community Jameel that studies the implications of climate change on food security and how they relate to trade.

With more than 20 years' of experience leading on issues related to the mainstreaming and financing of climate change action in development projects and advancing strategic climate and sustainability policy dialogues in developing countries, Ana possesses a deep understanding of climate adaptation across a range of economic sectors and regions of the world, including Latin America, Europe and Central Asia. Currently, she is leading several natural resource management and climate-smart agriculture activities that aim to increase sustainable development in low-income countries in Africa.

Prior to joining WBG, Ana led several initiatives related to the implementation of national climate commitments under the Paris Agreement. Her work focused on the translation of climate information into development planning, as well as advising on the integration of adaptation and low-carbon development in sectors like energy, urban/rural development, agriculture and natural resource management. She led the design and development of multiple portals and tools for climate knowledge and disaster risk management into WBG investment projects. She is also the lead author of the recently launched WBG Climate Change Strategy for the Latin America and Caribbean region.

Ana holds a PhD in soil sciences from Pennsylvania State University.

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