The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation at COP28

Alex Dempsey, CEO of Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation, speaks at the DAFQA open programme event co-hosted by Community Jameel and UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) at COP28 in Dubai. During the day-long event on ocean systems and conservation, Alex participates in a panel co-chaired by Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation and the Foundation Mohammed VI pour la protection de l'Environment about ocean challenges in the Arab region with a focus on learnings from the Ocean Decade Africa Roadmap.


The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation (KSLOF) will be participating in COP28 this December 2023. The 28th annual United Nations climate meeting is being hosted by the UAE and will be held at Expo City in Dubai. The United Nations COP or “Conference of Parties” is the highest decision-making process on climate issues as it convenes over 70,000 delegates, heads of state, and world leaders. KSLOF is honored to be participating in several events at COP28 this year to discuss the role of philanthropy in ocean conservation, upcoming projects that focus on monitoring and restoration of coral reefs, and the importance of preserving global biodiversity through coral reef protection.

Her Royal Highness Princess Hala has been invited to speak at three events during COP28. The first is a panel hosted by AEON Collective entitled “Safeguarding Our Planet: Biodiversity, Climate, and One Health”. Her Royal Highness will be discussing the importance of conservation efforts as not just an environmental priority but a cornerstone for sustainable development, economic stability, and social well-being. This event will be taking place in the blue zone (an area of the conference reserved for only accredited organizations and sanctioned by the United Nations) at the Saudi Pavilion. Next, Her Royal Highness will be participating on a panel hosted by the International Coral Reef Initiative, The Global Fund for Coral Reefs, UN Environment and Development Programs, Race to Resilience, and the UN Capital Development Fund. The focus of this event will be around the newly launched “Coral Reef Breakthrough” initiative that has developed a call to action to prevent further coral reef habitat loss, the doubling of coral reef habitat reefs under effective protection, accelerate restoration, and secure investments to fund coral reef conservation. This event will also be hosted in the blue zone at the UNEP pavilion. And lastly, her Royal Highness will speak at the CORDAP hosted (Coral Research & Development Accelerator Platform) event “From Pledges to Action for Corals”. Princess Hala will be discussing the key points behind the Foundation’s success in helping facilitate international collaboration and cooperation for coral reef conservation. The CORDAP event will take place in the blue zone at the Science for Climate Action pavilion.

Living Oceans Foundation

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