KFSH&RC and MIT Jameel Clinic collaborate to advance applied AI in healthcare

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC), Riyadh and the Jameel Clinic, the epicentre of artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), have announced a partnership aimed at advancing clinical AI research. The collaboration aims to enhance patient care, improve clinical outcomes and reduce healthcare costs through the development and implementation of advanced AI tools.

Through this collaboration, and others similar to it made through the Jameel Clinic Hospital Network, the Jameel Clinic is teaming up with hospitals around the globe to bring advanced AI tools into mainstream healthcare. In particular, the Jameel Clinic Hospital Network will deploy the use of AI tools such as Sybil and Mirai, which facilitate early breast and lung cancer risk detection respectively.

The new partnership with KFSH&RC will focus on three main areas: Developing and deploying new AI tools in specific clinical contexts; broad testing of AI health tools in diverse patient populations, with a focus on ensuring equitable health outcomes; and refining AI tool development through iterative feedback and evaluation. In this regard, KFSH&RC and the Jameel Clinic intend to optimise the clinical utility of AI tools, ensuring their effectiveness, safety and ability to deliver high-quality patient care.