Healthcare providers say artificial intelligence could transform medicine

Regina Barzilay, AI faculty lead at the MIT Abdul Latif Jameel Clinic for Machine Learning in Health (MIT Jameel Clinic) is developing an AI program for early cancer detection. Regina speaks with WCVB 5 ABC News about her work on Mirai and Sybil, AI technologies designed to detect breast and lung cancers years before they are detectable by human clinicians.

While some in the healthcare community remain skeptical of such technologies, Regina says, "we need to admit to ourselves that our capacity to recognise patterns is very limited."


A professor of computer science and AI developer at MIT, Regina Barzilay, and her team have created a tool powered by artificial intelligence that they say can predict the likelihood that cancer will develop in a patient in the next five years. Though not yet at the clinical trial stage, doctors at Mass General Cancer Center have partnered with Barzilay to test the technology.

Doctors at Mass General Brigham are using generative AI to record patient visits instead of typing in notes. Doctors say the technology not only saves them hours in administrative work, allowing them more time with patients, but they are able to focus on a patient’s social cues during appointments.

According to, in 2019, one-third of all Massachusetts doctors were over the age of 60.

ABC News