Foresight Institute announces 2023 Feynman Prize winners, honouring groundbreaking achievements in nanotechnology

Jim Collins, faculty lead of life sciences at the MIT Jameel Clinic, is named 2023 Feynman Prize winner in 'Experiment'. Jim is a pioneer in the field of synthetic biology, particularly in the area of synthetic gene circuits and programmable diagnostics.


Established in 1986, Foresight Institute is a pioneering non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of molecular manufacturing and transformative technologies. Navigating scientific areas often seen as too ambitious for traditional institutions, Foresight Institute is committed to shaping the long-term future of life through these technologies. Awarded since 1993, ForesightInstitute’s Feynman Prizes celebrate both established and emerging talents in the field of nanotechnology, embodying their vision of steering transformative technologies to benefit humanity.

Celebrating Excellence in Nanotechnology: The Feynman Prizes

Foresight Institute’s acclaimed Feynman Prizes, named in honor of the renowned physicistRichard Feynman, laud notable accomplishments in nanotechnology, focusing on atomically precise manufacturing through innovative nano systems. Foresight Institute also bestows theDistinguished Student Award, spotlighting an upcoming individual for their exceptional work in advancing nanotechnology development and understanding.

The awards are recognized in the field of nanotechnology for identifying talent; notably, in 2016,Sir J. Fraser Stoddart received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his contributions to the design and synthesis of molecular machines, a mere nine years after being honored with a ForesightInstitute Feynman Prize in Experiment

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