Computational precision health programme welcomes new faculty, invites PhD applicants aiming to transform health care

Adam Yala, MIT Jameel Clinic alumni, is announced as one of three assistant professors to join the UCSF-UC Berkeley Joint Programme in Computational Precision Health (CPH) in its 2023 PhD cohort. Adam speaks about this experience gathering patient datasets and mammogram images to predict breast cancer risk. "In many cases, we could have significantly reduced patient suffering if only we caught the disease earlier. By building better technologies, we have the opportunity to systemically change outcomes," he says.


Applications have just opened for the UCSF-UC Berkeley Joint Programme in Computational Precision Health (CPH) first PhD cohort, which will matriculate in fall 2023. "It's one of the best computational schools in the world and one of the best medical schools in the world coming together to create this interdisciplinary ecosystem," said Adam Yala, one of three assistant professors in the inaugural group of core faculty for the CPH programme.

Yala and Ahmed Alaa joined the programme this summer, and Irene Chen will join in July 2023 after completing a postdoctoral fellowship with Microsoft Research New England. CPH also draws on the expertise of 39 participating faculty from departments and schools at both universities, including electrical engineering and computer sciences, medicine, epidemiology, pediatrics, statistics and public health.

Chen, who described pursuing a PhD as "an exercise in discovery," said that this diverse and dynamic intellectual environment will help students leverage many different methods and perspectives as thy shape their own areas of impact in computation and health.

University of Berkeley College of Computing, Data Science and Society