Cooking Sections ile mandaların izinde - 1 / Tracing water buffaloes with Cooking Sections - 1

Artist and activist duo Cooking Sections is among the participants of the 17th Istanbul Biennial with their new project Wallowland. In the first of the four-part video series focusing on the project, we hear from the artists themselves about the project, which traces the interactions of Istanbul’s water buffaloes with multiple ecologies in the wetlands around the city that are under threat of disappearance. The duo, who held a Water Buffalo Festival with tasting events, walking tours and music performances back in September, also created a Muhallebici (kaymak and sütlaç pudding shop) at Büyükdere35 in Tophane as part of the project. In 2023, Cooking Sections launched a new research partnership with Community Jameel, CLIMAVORE x Jameel at the Royal College of Art, under which they reopened the Wallowland Muhallebici in Istanbul in June 2023.