Cities 1.5: Funders focus: Philanthropic efforts that are driving the fight against climate breakdown

Cities stand on the frontline of the climate crisis - so they must also work to create frontline policies that support the global systems change required to ensure that cities have a future. Thanks to philanthropic support from both Global North and Global South organisations, the scientists, artists, and community leaders around the world who are making a climate-assured future possible are ensuring we are one step closer to this becoming reality.

Featured guests:

Cléa Daridan is a senior curator and cultural lead at Community Jameel, which supports scientists, humanitarians, technologists and creatives to understand and address pressing human challenges - particularly in the Global South. Community Jameel has funded the Climate Labs in partnership with C40 and J-PAL. Cléa also has many  interesting insights into how climate projects might fuse with health, arts and culture going forward.

Jesper Nygård is the CEO of Realdania, a Danish philanthropic association. As a C40 partner, Realdania has contributed significantly to research and projects that examine the intersection of the climate crisis and the built environment to enable more effective urban climate action. Under Jesper’s tenure, Realdania and C40 created the world-leading DK2020 project, ensuring that all 98 municipalities in Denmark will have created a climate action plan by the end of 2024. The follow on project, the Climate Alliance, will concentrate on delivering these planned actions.