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Everything you need to know about Community Jameel's brand.

Because we love you

Our name, Community Jameel, centres our commitment to communities, especially those in need, and the concept that the network of scientists, technologists, humanitarians and creatives that we support is itself a community. The word Jameel is both the name of our founders, the Jameel family, and an Arabic word meaning "beautiful", so that our name in Arabic means both Community Jameel and "beautiful community".

Our logo was designed by our founder and chairman, Mohammed Jameel KBE, and reads, in Arabic, لأننا نحبك, which means, in English, "because we love you". The text is written caligraphically to represent the heart, as a symbol of love and health.

Historic identities (sits below the Logo sections)

Since our establishment in 2003 to continue the Jameel family's tradition of philanthropy and community service, Community Jameel's identity has developed: from Abdul Latif Jameel Community Service Programmes to Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives and finally to Community Jameel. The constants are our commitment to the community, and the support of our founders, the Jameel family.

Check out some of our historic logos:

Typography (English)


Costa Ptf
Costa PTF the font Community Jameel uses in its logo. It is also by Community Jameel as a header/title font.

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Source Code Pro
Source Code Pro is a monospaced typeface originally made for Adobe Systems, however now distributed as an open-source font family via the Google font platform. It is used by Community Jameel as a both a header/title font and a sub-heading.

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Karla is a grostesque sans serif family designed by Jonny Pinhorn for Google Fonts. Karla is used by Community Jameel for body text, such as in blog posts, team member biographies and description text.

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C11 M99 Y90 K3


Lucky Point
Sea Buckthorn
Dodger Blue


Electric Violet