Jameel Clinic Hospital Network

Together with Wellcome Trust, the MIT Jameel Clinic is teaming up with hospitals around the globe to bring AI into mainstream healthcare. In providing free access to an array of cutting-edge AI tools, the network aims to contribute the unique expertise of Jameel Clinic researchers to empower healthcare systems by accelerating the mainstream usage of AI tools on a global scale. As AI tools discovered and innovated by researchers from the MIT Jameel Clinic mature enough to be integrated into clinical settings, the Jameel Clinic Hospital Network aims to make these state-of-the-art tools available for free to hospitals around the world. Tools already available in its toolkit include: Mirai (invented 2020, a breast cancer risk early detection model; Sybil (invented 2021), a lung cancer risk early detection model; and Potter Short-term Morbidity & Short-term Mortality (invented 2018), an emergency surgery risk assessment tool. Tools in ongoing development include those to assess prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer risk.

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