Community Jameel and COVID-19

Community Jameel and COVID-19

Community Jameel is working with its initiatives and partners in the global response to COVID-19, from pioneering research on the control of the virus and the discovery of new treatments, to strengthening the frontline medical response, and supporting creative communities and small businesses affected by the crisis. 

Community Jameel wishes to convey its heartfelt support and sympathy to everyone whose lives and loved ones are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic - including all those healthcare and medical research workers, and their families, on the frontline fighting the virus.


Community Jameel engages with leading scientific minds across the world to solve the greatest challenges of our time and supports communities through directly implemented programmes to help build a better future. Today that mission has never been clearer. In responding to the current crisis, we have never been prouder of the work of our partners and the initiatives we support at the vanguard of the response to this pandemic. 


This includes:


The Jameel Institute at Imperial College, led by Professor Neil Ferguson. The Institute has been at the forefront of modelling the spread of the virus using a combination of machine learning and data science methods. Its research is directly influencing policy in both the UK and US. 


One of the novel, yet defining, aspects of this work has been the open-sourcing and collaboration between academic and corporate entities, and we are delighted that Amazon Web Services and Microsoft have been able to lend their support in this endeavour, helping to make pandemic modelling accessible to many countries across the globe.


The Jameel Clinic at MIT. Having only recently discovered a new antibiotic through machine learning, the Clinic has adopted the same approach to its AI Cures initiative and is analysing promising new antiretrovirals to treat COVID-19, alongside antibiotics to treat the deadly antimicrobial-resistant pneumonia that it causes.


Our partnerships have never been strictly limited to research. We have worked to strengthen the frontline medical response at the Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital in Jeddah, and – in partnership with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation – we are supporting and assisting COVID-19 centres, in particular a new COVID facility in Macerata in the Marche region - one of the most affected in Italy.


The huge social impact of this pandemic is becoming clearer each day. Art Jameel has launched its Research and Practice Platform to provide micro-grants to creatives across the MENA region and cushion the impact of the crisis. Furthermore, in partnership with Italian institutions, Art Jameel has produced Corona Virus: A curious guide for courageous kids.  The first free bilingual Arabic/English guide for children, it encourages responsibility, curiosity, creativity and positivity in younger generations in light of the current challenges we are all facing. 


Responding to the heavy pressures placed by the crisis on small businesses, Bab Rizq Jameel Services has released Mashora, an app that connects entrepreneurs and small business owners across MENA to leaders in their sectors for mentorship and support through these troubled times. Bab Rizq Jameel Recruitment has also launched, which helps provide job opportunities for men and women in vital sectors such as food delivery applications in response to the needs of the community, and Bab Rizq Jameel Microfinance has launched Rafed to support the most affected small businesses with loans of up to SAR 100,000. 


Community Jameel is an organisation that is based on collaboration, and we are grateful for the insight, expertise and bravery of all those working on these and other extraordinary partnerships, and of the ground-breaking action being taken by so many at this time.


Together, we are working hard to bring about better times.