DMSE Tenure Talk: Cem Tasan

In a lecture series by MIT's department of materials science and engineering, professor Cem Tasan, a 2019 and 2023 Abdul Latif Jameel Water and Food Systems Lab (J-WAFS) principal investigator and Solutions Grant recipient, speaks about the methods, mechanisms and materials of his research in metallurgy that led him on his path to tenure.

"We still want metals to do more. What is becoming very clear is the availability of advanced processing solutions," he says, adding, "There are many advanced processing solutions, some of them under the umbrella of additive manufacturing. So this basically means that the future will have more opportunities to mx things up. So instead of having homogeneous microstructures, we'll be able to perhaps have gradients of different sorts. And the type of tools that we have that combine large field of view and detailed insights actually are perfect for providing guidelines to these newly-emerging fields as well."