Role Model programme

Role Model Programme

Targeted at Saudi youth, this programme uses power communication tools to convey important social messages and to promote the concept of hard work, respect, and dedication.

Young people need good examples. We give them hundreds, and reach them in ways we know will engage them: on television, on YouTube, and in person.

Traditionally, young people used to learn life skills and moral values from family members and respected individuals in the community. Today, in an increasingly digital age, they are just as likely to find their role models in the media, where not all examples are necessarily good. In 2003, we decided to address this cultural change and re-balance it by using these new communication tools to share powerful and social important messages to reach Saudi youth.

Producing four television commercials under the banner “I am proud”, we spoke about the importance of self-respect and how you could achieve and add value to your life by aspiring to, and achieving, a successful career. These were followed by commercials that promoted the importance of marriage, addressed road safety, encouraged the use of seat belts, and encouraged young people to stop smoking. We also made films that helped young people to set up their own businesses and embarked on a unique campaign that talked about the concept of hard work, respect, and dedication.

In 2013, we partnered with Bab Rizq Jameel on a new series called From-To. Airing on a YouTube channel, the series prepared young people to enter the labour market.   We also partnered with Bab Rizq Jameel on their ‘From my experience’ campaign, in cooperation with the Young Initiative Group, which sought to share the experiences and expertise of pioneers in the employment world.

We have produced about 40 films, all of which have received a very positive public response, and we have more ideas in the pipeline.