Life Skills Club

Life Skills Club

This scheme complements the education system in Saudi Arabia by working with Saudi youth to develop their behavioural skills and preparing for life after high school and university.

Since 2009, over 3,000 students from 40 schools have benefited from this programme.

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In partnership with the General Directorate of Education in Jeddah, this programme is designed to focus on teaching practical knowledge and ‘soft’ skills that are not always covered by the education system.

Rather than focusing on academia, the Life Skills Club seeks to develop the life skills of high school students, such as behavioural skills, time management skills, leadership skills, conflict management and problem solving, to equip them for the world outside education.  

At the same time, we highlight the social role that schools play while addressing common issues that can arise during the students’ time at school, such as underachievement, absenteeism, and smoking – providing the students with the necessary tools to develop critical thinking skills to understand the roots of problems and how tackle them effectively.

We believe in raising the level of awareness among students of the importance of integrating into the community and effectively interacting with their peers. We also focus on instilling a strong work ethic and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit to students, as they represent the future generations of Saudi Arabia.