INJAZ-Saudi Arabia

INJAZ Saudi Arabia

In partnership with the National Commercial Bank and Savola Group, this programme aims to create employable Saudi youth for the country’s labour market by managing the transition from the education system to the workforce.

INJAZ Saudi Arabia is dedicated to training students based on three key pillars: work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.


One of the biggest steps we take in our lives is the transition from education into the workforce. Recognising this, in 2009 we founded INJAZ Saudi in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the National Commercial Bank, and Savola Group. The aim of this programme is to smooth students’ transition from education to occupation. Over the following two years, the programme grew into an independent and sustainable entity aiming to create employable Saudi youth for the country’s labour market.

We are a member of Junior Achievements Worldwide, the largest non-profit organisation specifically designed to focus on young people in school and their first year at university. Private sector volunteers provide hands-on programmes on the realities of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and workforce readiness.

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