Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Jeddah

Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Jeddah

This institute aims to foster awareness of Arabic culture and heritage and to showcase the talents of local artists and creative entrepreneurs.

It is a training center for teaching and preserving the unique methods and skills of traditional Islamic arts and crafts.

The House of Traditional Arts is a regional design and crafts center based in the old town of Jeddah. Its programs of study offer learning by practice through the integration of the teaching methodology of the Prince's School of Traditional Arts and the architectural and crafts heritage of Saudi Arabia.

The House of Traditional Arts' art program includes a one year-long course in traditional arts and building crafts, as well as workshops for the public. These are open to all and teach design, as well as the practical skills of local traditional arts and crafts, extended into the contemporary setting of Saudi Arabia. 

The House of Traditional Arts’ primary teaching resource is based on the heritage of the old town of Jeddah, placed in the context of the wider Islamic art traditions. Modules taught at the House of Traditional Arts include the study of geometry in nature, pattern, symmetry, nabati ornament, and colour methods and materials. These are then applied to crafts such as ceramics, mangour, and gypsum carving. 

The House of Traditional Arts aims to establish a vibrant community of artists, artisans, and designers through a cultural understanding that nurtures and promotes traditional arts. Delivered by local and international tutors, the House of Traditional Arts' practical workshops teach skills, methods, and techniques to enable young Saudis to renew traditional arts and crafts in the contemporary context of Saudi Arabia. 

The House of Traditional Arts and its educational programs nurture and promote traditional arts, crafts, and techniques where physical, social, cultural and inspirational elements converge to reflect universal values fundamental to the arts. 

The House of Traditional Arts will become a vital part of the living history of Jeddah, linking the traditional arts to their contemporary context and extending their influence beyond the old town walls to across the country.

• Teach the language of traditional arts and architecture through the study of the key elements of Islamic art and the universal principles that underpin them.
• Instill awareness of cultural heritage and its importance in the present context of the building arts and crafts in the old town of Jeddah.
• Offer an education program that integrates design studios and crafts workshops experiences.
• Promote the traditional arts and crafts as a contemporary discipline that integrates high standards of artistic ability with the knowledge of traditional craft techniques.
• Establish a research and education resources for the wider community in traditional arts.
• Train students and young professionals in the regeneration of their architectural and artistic heritage by engaging in commercial projects.

House of Traditional Arts courses and public programs 
The House of Traditional Arts offers a wide variety of activities for the public:

• A one-year program that integrates disciplines of art, architecture and the building crafts
• Community activities and public events
• Kids’ workshops 
• Evening classes for adults
• Participation in the Balad festival 

About The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts
The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts is one of the core charities of HRH The Prince of Wales. Based in London, it offers practical arts education at Master's and doctoral levels. The School teaches the importance of integrating theoretical study with practical application. The School encourages awareness of the holistic practice of the traditional artist, whose inspiration derives from the highest sources and whose skill and dedication creates masterpieces which we can all recognize as part of our world heritage. 
To find out more, visit www.psta.org.uk 

Art Jameel
Art Jameel is an initiative of Community Jameel, a social enterprise organization that operates a wide range of initiatives to promote a positive society and economic sustainability. Art Jameel promotes contemporary and traditional art, preserves cultural heritage, and supports creative entrepreneurship across the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey. In partnership with arts organizations worldwide, Art Jameel is developing cultural exchange programs to encourage networking and knowledge sharing. To find out more, visit www.cjameel.org   

For one-year full-time courses in traditional arts and building crafts,
email hta@artjameel.org 

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