First Edition Award

First Edition

The First Edition Award aims to encourage literary talent and to create a new generation of gifted writers.

Through the First Edition Award, we hope to build a young generation that is creative and that interacts positively with the cultural scene.

Writing and publishing a book, or any piece of written work, can be time-consuming and costly, and there is no guarantee of reaching the intended audience. To support young writers in Saudi Arabia to achieve their literary dreams, we have collaborated with the Jeddah Literary Cultural Club to create the First Edition Award.

The award aims to provide creative writers with an opportunity to promote their literary works, within the country and beyond, by working with the writers to review, edit, and publish their first editions.

By nurturing the literary talent of young men and women in Saudi Arabia, the award aims to build a creative and culturally-award future generation by kick-starting the authors’ writing careers, or encouraging them to seek employment in other relevant roles and industries. 

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