Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Cairo

Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Cairo

Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Cairo preserves Egyptian artistic traditions and cultural heritage.

Since 2009, the programme has accepted around 20 Egyptian students each year to begin their journey in the traditional arts.


Beginning in 2009 as  a partnership between Art Jameel, the Prince's School of Traditional Arts, and Egypt’s Ministry of Culture, the Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Cairo teaches young Egyptians classes in geometrical drawings, colour, and arabesque studies, as well as specialised training in ceramics, glass and metalwork, gypsum and woodwork.  

Managed and administered by the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, the two-year programme at the Fustat Traditional Crafts Centre follows the same standards and procedures as those applied to the postgraduate courses of the Prince’s School in London. 

The programme focuses on the preservation of cultural heritage in Old Cairo, including through field trips to major monuments, and supports graduates seeking employment or to establish businesses in the traditional arts.

Around 20 students graduate each year and join the many alumni who connect through the programme's alumni club and participate in the annual alumni exhibition.