Arts and Culture

Recognizing the role of art in building strong and interconnected communities

We support arts and culture as one of the cornerstones of daily life to inspire and nourish the human experience. In doing so, we aim to foster a thriving art scene in the Middle East, not only to promote contemporary art and protect culture heritage but also to support creative entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.

Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art

Housed in the V&A Museum, this exhibition contains more than 400 pieces of Islamic art and artefacts, dating as far back as the eighth century.

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Jameel Prize

An international award for contemporary art and design inspired by Islamic tradition.

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Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Jeddah

Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Cairo

Our endeavour to support creative young talent in the field of traditional Arabian arts and crafts.

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Jeddah Sculptures Restoration Project

Our initiative to restore and preserve the artistic sculptures situated along the Corniche in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

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Jameel Journeys

In collaboration with Crossways Foundation, these journeys encourage young artists and creative professionals from the GCC to explore the art and cultural heritage of other countries.

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First Edition Award

In collaboration with the Jeddah Literary Cultural Club, this award aims to encourage literary talent and to create a new generation of gifted writers.

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